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Yoga - The Journey Inwards

Yoga - The Journey Inwards is a short story that Namit has written with the intention of sharing the inner truth of yoga philosophy in a sincere and happy way. He uses a simple narrative to convey the beauty of life and our innate connection to all that is.

You can click here to peek at the first few pages of the book.

The Seeker’s Story is of an inquisitive spiritual traveller’s chance meeting with a yogi, which leads him on a journey in self discovery, through the wisdom of Yoga. The main character's many questions about creation and the meaning of life are answered in a gentle and genuine way by a kind villager who is also an enlightened yogi. The yogi generously shares his pathway to happiness. This book offers the reader an introduction to Yoga - the philosophy and practices that have been followed for centuries, by people who seek connection, inner peace and deep happiness and contentment. Have a peek inside the book by clicking here.

Yoga Sutra - The Seeker's Story
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