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Yoga, plant-based food preparation

& nutrition Retreat


Please note that this retreat will be available in the future. When commence this retreat we shall update the website.

On these retreats we combine the wonderful activities of yoga, meditation,  healthy plant-based cooking and walking, to give you an experience that will feed your body, your mind & your soul and give you new inspiration to improve your well being.

This retreat provides you with enlightening & mouth-watering plant-based nutrition workshops, led by Namit and one of our amazing chefs. In addition to sharing specific recipes, we will inform you of the benefits of the different foods and how to combine them to produce delicious and healthful meals for yourself, your family and your friends.

Three different themes will be explored in three, 2-hour morning workshops:

1. Grains and seeds: Learn about their nutritional benefits while picking up tips & techniques to make the most of these deliciously nutritional foods.

2. Legumes – more than just a protein: understand the best methods for cooking legumes and for combining these with other wonderful staple foods, so that you can confidently explore their versatility and and enjoy their nutritious nature.

3. Raw food preparation: Raw main meals, raw deserts and cold steeped teas, including nutritional information on raw versus cooked meals.



In the evenings there will be further 1-hour workshops featuring a sharing of information on protecting the gut microbiota and maintaining a healthy mind.

The workshops are sandwiched by a satisfying helping of yoga and meditation each morning and evening, and 3 deliciously healthy meals are generously portioned throughout each day.

Additional activities may garnish your retreat, such as lazing by the pool and wandering in the mountains.

We will lead you on a guided hike to enjoy some of the breath-taking views from the mountains surrounding the retreat centre.

All-in-all you will have an appetising smorgasbord of wonderful, interesting, healthful, relaxing and illuminating experiences to graze on.

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