Your Timetable

On Sunday at 14.00 your retreat begins with a Welcome lunch and introductions to the team and your fellow guests. After this you will be shown around the shala and have some time to settle in before your first yoga and meditation session for the week, which will be the foundation for all the following classes throughout your stay.


During your retreat you will have the opportunity to join two guided hikes and we can show you routes for more walks in the mountains if you wish.

How your day may unfold:


We observe silence in the morning until around 11.30am, after breakfast.


Morning Hatha or Vinyasa yoga class (Yang based and lasting 1 hour 15 minutes) and guided meditation (30 minutes).  Some yoga classes also include pranayama (breathing techniques).


Organic healthy and delicious breakfast


Monday: village walk, Tuesday and Thursday optional hikes




Organic, delicious lunch

15.00 onwards :

Free time for nature walks, swimming, reading, self-practice, time to oneself, resting, massage treatments, workshops and so on.

Early Evenings:

Silence time from 16.00 until dinner.


From 16.00: 

Hatha or Vinyasa yoga class (Yin based,1 hour 15 minutes) and guided meditation (30 minutes).  Some yoga classes also include pranayama (breathing techniques).


Organic, nutritious dinner





We offer workshops that cover topics such as inversions, backbends, balancing postures, hip opening exercises, shoulder opening exercises, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, aspects of meditation, aspects of breathing techniques (pranayama), chanting, aspects of philosophy, chakras and so on.

'When you are content to simply be yourself, and do not compete or contend, you will gain true respect.'


Lao Tzu

At Yoga Sutra Shala the system of teaching is based upon personalising the classes and workshops towards your needs and desires, to help you learn and develop at your own pace.

Note that all the classes, hikes and workshops are optional during your yoga retreat.
It is your time to do as you wish to make the most of your stay.

All of the meals are created for you on the principles of plant-based, wholegrain, organic nutrition, to maintain and build on your health throughout your stay and beyond.


Following your final yoga and meditation class in the morning, you will have a farewell brunch at 11am and departures.  Your retreat finishes at 13.00.


Yoga Sutra Shala,
Calle Raval, 24

Benissiva, Valencia

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