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Teacher Training Timetable

On the Saturday you arrive we will begin with some refreshment, welcome & introductions and a chance for you to unpack and rest. Following a delicious lunch we will help you to orientate yourself, with a village walk and a walk to the local yoga studio where the classes will be held. It will be a relaxed day with an initial Yin Yoga & meditation class - beginning at around 18.00 - and dinner at around 19.30.

Sample daily schedule for Monday to Sunday

  • 07:00 Pranayama

  • 07:20 Asanas

  • 08:30 Break

  • 08:40 Meditation

  • 09:00 Breakfast and free-time

  • 11:00 Alignment & Adjustment

  • 12:00 Break

  • 12:10 Sequencing

  • 13:10 Break

  • 13:15 Philosophy/ Discussion

  • 14:00 Lunch and free-time

  • 15:30 Workshop

  • 16:00 Teaching Practice - Pranayama

  • 16:20 Teaching Practice - Asana

  • 17:10 Teaching Practice - Meditation 

  • 17:40 Teaching Practice - Chanting

  • 18:00 Free-time

  • 19:00 Dinner

Silence will be observed from 21:00 to 10:00 each day.

Note that on Saturdays the retreat building and your rooms are cleaned for you so breakfast, lunch & dinner can be enjoyed out in one of the local patisseries, restaurants or tapas places. These offer a range of local dishes, including local breads, vegetarian and vegan dishes, fresh salads and delicious Valencian coca - a famous local flatbread dish!

On the final full day of your course (the final Saturday), you will be presented your certificate and we will have a closing ceremony. The last morning of your course (the final Sunday) will proceed as usual with classes until midday, followed by a delicious farewell lunch. The retreat centre will close at 14.00.

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