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'When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come.'

​Leonardo Da Vinci

  • In case of emergency, how can I contact Yoga Sutra Shala?"
    In case of EMERGENCY please contact us by sending a Whatsapp to 0034 684 13 05 03.
  • What is included in the fee?
    Your fee includes accommodation; all organic, plant-based food and drinks; all yoga and meditation classes; use of the facilities, including swimming pool & gardens; the guided hike; and workshops. Please note that flights and transfers and massage treatments are not included.
  • Is it possible to have a shorter stay?
    To get the most out of your stay with us, we advise you to come for the whole 6 days of your retreat (Sunday to Friday) as your first class on Sunday provides a foundation for the progressive classes throughout the week. Not only will you miss classes by coming later or leaving earlier but you will also miss valuable time with your fellow retreat guests, in this wonderful, peaceful location. Often guests stay a night in Alicante or Valencia before and/or after the retreat. For Yoga Teacher Training courses it is essential to attend the entire course in order to qualify and obtain your certificate.
  • How do I book?
    You can see all retreat and course dates and their room options and make your booking here: Select the date you would like to come, then choose your room and the number of people you are booking that room for. Scroll down to fill in your registration form and click on the button at the bottom marked "Register Now". This will lead you to a page where you can make your 50% deposit to reserve your room. The balance is payable one month before arrival.
  • How do I book my flights?
    Two websites that we can recommend are either Skyscanner or Travelsupermarket to search for the most reasonable flights from your nearest airports. The closest airport to us is Alicante (ALC). The next nearest aiport is Valencia (VLC).
  • Is it possible to arrange transport from Alicante Airport (ALC) or Valencia Airport (VLC) to Yoga Sutra Shala?
    Once you book we can pass you on the details of local English drivers who can collect you from either airport. They can often arrange for sharing to and from Alicante or Valencia airport to save you money as all guests arrive and depart at the same time. The drivers will charge you directly. These drivers are also excellent at helping you arrange local accommodation as well as details of public transport arrangements if you wish to take transport to Oliva, Denia, Pego or other nearby towns in order to save you money on the car journey. Taking a blabla car to any of these local towns and then using one of these drivers is also an option. In order to get any idea of prices and local collection points if you are wanting to save money (also remember these drivers can often arrange for car sharing from these local towns too) then the following information may well be useful. If travelling from Valencia by train the best station for a pick up is Xeraco which is the station before Gandia. Cost from there tends to be 40-50 euros If travelling by bus from Valencia the best option would be Oliva. The cost from here tends to be around 30 euros. If coming from Alicante by train a good pick up point is Gata De Gorgos. You may need to change at Benidorm if coming from Alicante. The price from Gata De Gorgos is around 30 euros if you want to change trains. If you do not want to change train and be collected at Benidorm station then price tends to be around 50 Euros. If you prefer to come by bus to Benidorm bus station from Alicante then the bus station is easy to get to and the collection charge would be around 50 euros too. You can also take a bus to Denia from Alicante and collection from Denia station tends to be around 40 Euros. For retreat guests, the drivers leave ALC on Sundays at around 14.30 and on Friday at around 11.30 from the shala (for flights after 13.30). For teacher training course students, the drivers leave on the first Saturday at 12.30 and arrive with us at 14.00. At the end of the course on the last Sunday they collect you at 14.00 so you arrive in Alicante at 15.30 (for flights after 18.00). Please remember to inform the drivers of all flight details including: flight dates & times; flight numbers; and the airports that you will be using for your arrival and your departure journeys. Please note that you can also spend a night in Alicante or Valencia or any of the nearby towns we mentioned and arrange for the drivers to collect you from or drop you off there. The drivers are very good at helping to find local accommodation for you at any of these towns too.
  • What are the best flight times to aim to be at the airport by?
    FOR RETREATS: Arrival at Alicante airport by 14.30 on Sundays and departure after 15.00 on Fridays are best. This way you can join us for the welcome lunch on Sunday and for the farewell brunch on Friday. FOR YTT COURSES: Arrival at Alicante airport by 12.30 on the first Saturday and departure after 18.00 on the last Sunday are ideal. The course begins on the first Saturday at 14.00 and ends at 14.00 on the last Sunday.
  • What if I cannot find a suitable flight?
    It may be easier for you to arrive one day earlier or leave one day later, depending on where you are travelling from. If this is an option for you, we recommend that you book a hotel in Alicante or Valencia depending which airport you fly into or from. If you are flying out of Alicante airport on the Friday evening, you can always ask the driver on the way back to drop you in the centre of the city and you can then take the C6 bus to get to the airport for whenever your flight is due. There are also other local towns mentioned above and our drivers can help with travel and accommodation recommendations for any of these towns.
  • I plan to come a day early or leave a day later. Can I stay at the retreat?
    We can pass on to you the details of the owners of the building who can often accommodate you.
  • Where can I find a good hotel in Alicante or Valencia?
    If you are looking for a nice place to stay before or after the retreat you could have a look on: Trip Advisor , or Air B&B. There are some lovely places to stay in the historic centres of Valencia and Alicante.
  • What can I do in Alicante?
    You can visit the Provincial Architechtural Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art; see the old town known as the Barrio Santa Cruz; visit the local beaches such as the Playa de Guardamar; walk along the Passeo del Puerto; climb or take a lift up to the Santa Barbara Castle to see some of the breath-taking panoramic views; enjoy some of the lovely local tapas; or go to one of the delicious and healthy vegetarian restaurants there.
  • What will the weather be like during my stay?
    You can see extended and monthly weather forecasts for La Valle de Laguar and for Pego on the Accuweather website.
  • What is the Cancellation / Postponement Policy?
    If you enquired about our retreats and courses via Book Yoga Retreats, please check their website or contact them to find out about their cancellation policy. If you contacted us directly to enquire about the retreats and courses that we offer and you are unable to come on the retreat or the teacher training course that you have booked, please notify us at least a month before you are due to arrive and we can either: 1. Refund your deposit payment minus a 50€ administration fee. or 2. Allocate your deposit to another retreat or teacher training course date that you specify at the time of your cancellation. If you cancel or postpone your retreat or teacher training course within a month of your arrival date, your payment will be kept by us to cover administration costs. The deposit payment will be due on any subsequent booking that you make.
  • What are the options to come to you?
    We can pass you the details of local English speaking drivers who can arrange for the ride to be shared with other guests at a lower price. You can book a private taxi of your own choice. Hire a car and drive to us. Remember to check the conditions that apply to fuel refilling and to insurance when you book. Take a bus, train or blabla car from Alicante or Valencia station to Oliva, Pego, Denia, Xeraco, Benidorm, Gandia, Gata de Gorgos or any of the towns mentioned above. For timetables and tickets for buses see Google also has good information on train timetables to and from these towns. You can then book a taxi from one of these towns to bring you to the retreat in time for the opening. We can pass you on the number of a local English speaking taxi driver who can often arrange for ride share and help with travel arrangements or you can book a private taxi of your own choice. For your departure on the Friday, your similar options are: A local driver or taxi can collect you at the end of your stay and drive you to a local town mentioned above. You can get a bus, train or blabla car from there to Alicante or Valencia. For timetables and tickets, see or google. A local driver or taxi can collect you from the retreat and take you to Valencia or Alicante.
  • I am a solo traveller.  What are my room options?
    For solo travellers there is the option of booking 1) the single occupancy rooms or suites or 2) a place in a twin shared room (this is the "twin shared" option). The price remains the same regardless of whether the second place in that room is booked (by another solo traveller) or not. Usually twin rooms are for female travellers to share. The retreat centre has one twin shared room and the teacher training centre has four twin shared rooms that you can share.
  • What is the difference between a retreat and a holiday?
    A retreat is a place that allows you to get away from the stress of normal life and embrace a type of living that will help you go home with a more positive and peaceful outlook on life. On a holiday you can simply relax. However, on a retreat as well as relaxing you will learn wonderful tools that can help change and improve your life. All we ask is that you work on keeping a positive attitude and a lot of enthusiasm for learning whilst you are at Yoga Sutra Shala, as this will help you get the most out of your retreat stay.
  • Why the name Yoga Sutra Shala?
    The yoga sutras are an ancient manual that teach us to use yoga to take the practitioner to a deep level of meditation. The yoga sutras were documented by an ancient sage named Patanjali. One particular sutra states 'Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha' which means that yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. At Yoga Sutra Shala the system of yoga teaching is designed to bring the mind of the practitioner to a point of inner silence and inner peace. It is this inner peace that brings the practitioner to a state of mental and physical health, happiness, relaxation and meditation.
  • Why should I come to Yoga Sutra Shala?
    Our intent is to provide an authentic experience of spiritual development - to allow you to grow and to find your true self. In India we have an ancient saying ‘Atithi devo bhava’ meaning ‘Revere your guest as God’. This saying goes back to our ancient scriptures of the Vedas. We want you to really feel the spirituality and reverence that we speak of in our greeting 'Namaste', which is a Sanskrit (ancient Indian) word that means that “the spirit in me bows down to the spirit in you.” During your yoga retreat at Yoga Sutra Shala we want you to really awaken the spirit within yourself and to feel alive not just in terms of health but in terms of spirituality too. We hope that our welcoming spirit makes you want to come back to your yoga retreats again and again, perhaps also with the people you love and care about.
  • Are the yoga retreats suitable for beginners?
    The Gentle Yoga and Meditation Retreat is ideal for beginners. We will move at a slower pace and you will be in the company of others wanting to work at a gentle pace that is perfect for beginners too.
  • Are the yoga retreats suitable for me if I have an intermediate level?
    The Vinyasa Yoga taught here at our centre uses “vinyasa” or ‘breath controlled movement’ to flow from one posture into the other, bringing your awareness to the breath and bringing you into a meditative state. Our dynamic yoga and meditation retreats are based on the flow of vinyasa yoga. These retreats are aimed at those with at least a year or two's regular practice of yoga who want a more challenging yoga retreat.
  • Which language will the classes be held in at Yoga Sutra Shala?
    The classes here at Yoga Sutra Shala will be held in English.
  • Why are silence times necessary at the retreat?
    In yoga practice we believe in 'Antar Mouna' - 'inner silence' - which is developed by first observing outer silence. The experience of Antar Mouna deepens your meditation and helps you maintain this state of mind. This then intensifies by the end of your retreat, as you continue to practice each day. Generally our silence times are in the morning.
  • What is the maximum number of students on each retreat and teacher training course?
    We can accommodate a maximum of 10 (although we normally take a maximum of 8) students on each retreat and 10 students on each teacher training course. This allows for us to give a lot of personal attention to each student's development.
  • Can I come if I am pregnant?
    If you have a regular yoga practice and are more than 3 months pregnant it would certainly be lovely for you to practice here. Remember to consult your physician first to see that he or she is comfortable with you coming to a yoga retreat and also remember to check with your airline if they are okay with you flying during this period.
  • Is Wi-Fi available during my stay?
    Yes, you will have access to WI-Fi here at the centre. However, as we are in the mountains, internet access is limited so it will not be possible to download music or videos. Also, we do prefer you to remain mindful and limit your internet access to the essential contact with family and friends whilst you are here.
  • What can I do in my free time in between classes and after lunch?
    During your free time you can enjoy walks in the beautiful countryside or relax by the pool (if staying at the retreat centre), read, or chat with new friends. You can also arrange a trip with a local taxi driver to the local beaches or the surrounding villages.
  • What should I bring with me to my yoga retreat?
    We have yoga mats, blocks and props which you are more than welcome to use. We also provide you with towels. There is body wash and shampoo for you to use in the bathrooms as well. Do remember to bring loose clothing for practising the yoga postures. Also, bring a shawl for meditation practice if you have one. Remember to book travel insurance before you come and to print off your boarding passes. If you are coming between May and October pack some sun cream if you are going to sit by the pool. We recommend bringing strong insect repellent too, just in case. If you are coming in winter months bring some warm clothing for the cool evenings. Please bring your European health insurance card and passport in case you have to see your doctor, as you will need both documents. It is also essential that you book medical insurance and bring your documents. Bring walking shoes / boots (or decent trainers) if you want to go for nature walks in the mountains. As well as this remember your travel adaptor if you are bringing your mobile phone etc. A note book would also be good for writing down all the new things that you are going to learn. Above all make sure you bring a lot of enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude as this will help you get the most out of your stay.
  • What massages are available at the centre?
    We have local massage therapists offering treatments at the retreat centre. Treatments cost 70 €. You can read more about our massage therapists in the 'Your Team' sub-heading of the Home tab. For the TTCs there a massage therapists who are at a close walk to the centre and are slightly cheaper. You can read more about them also in the 'Your Team' sub-heading.
  • What kind of meals are served at the yoga retreat centre?
    All the delicious, plant-based meals that will be served to you here at the shala are prepared using locally grown fruits and vegetables brought to us from organic farmers in the valley and organic wholefoods. Your menus have been created by health and nutrition expert Namit (the founder of Yoga Sutra Shala), as well as our lovely chef Fernanda. If you have any questions regarding nutrition during your retreat, Namit will be happy to share his knowledge with you.
  • Is meat available during the yoga retreats?
    There are no meat, fish or eggs served at the retreat. All the food is plant-based in the tradition of yoga and ahimsa (non-violence). The yoga tradition encourages a plant-based diet during the practice of meditation in order to increase the experience of peace.
  • What about protein?
    Your meals at the yoga retreat centre will contain beans, nuts, avocados, tofu, seeds and other plant-based sources of protein that have been used to build healthy muscle groups by yogis for millennia.
  • Are smoking and alcohol drinking allowed during the yoga retreats?
    Drinking alcohol prevents the mind from reaching deep states of meditation and our aim is to you leave the centre feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. With this is in mind, we ask that you do not drink alcohol or smoke on the premises of the yoga retreat centre or teacher training centre.
  • What options for eating out are there locally?
    From the retreat centre you will need a car if you want to eat out locally as we really are in nature Close to the teacher training centre in Pego you will find many local restaurants and tapas places all at walking distance - and many with vegan options. There is even an Indian restaurant in the village! Bar Daniel, Casino Bar and Lom often have vegan options although you may need to ask for them to be prepared in advance. During the teacher training courses our chef rests on Saturdays and so this is a good day to try the local tapas places and patisseries!
  • What about my Privacy & Security?
    Your privacy and the security of your personal information is very important to us. Above all, we treat your data in the same way that we treat everything else about your retreat with us; respectfully, responsibly and with care & attention. This short version provides an overview with the key points of our Privacy Policy. The full version is available by emailing us at Yoga Sutra Shala Privacy Policy – short version We collect personal data to provide you with information and services. By providing us with your personal information, you are agreeing for us to store and use it as described in the full Statement, briefly summarised as follows: Your data is securely stored and never sold. Your information is only shared in cases where third party services are used – for example, transfers with drivers, or if you book additional services, such as massage. We only use your personal data for marketing purposes with your consent and you can opt out of this at any time You have the right to review and change the information we store at any time. You can do that by emailing us at
  • Are there new visa requirements from May 2023 for those travelling from countries outside the Schengen area?
    From May 2023 travellers from outside the Schengen area such as those from the UK, USA and Canada will need to apply for an ETIAS Visa Waiver online before travelling. You can read more here:
  • Are there any positions to join the team at Yoga Sutra Shala?
    If you are a yoga teacher, have good language skills, plant based cooking skills, communication skills and / or administration skills, you love yoga and meditation, and you would like to work hard and share happiness with others whilst volunteering with us, then please get in touch by email to: Please note that a car and local accommodation are essential as we do not have accommodation onsite for volunteers. Also note that we are not open every week so meals will only be provided the weeks that we are open.

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