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Yoga and Healthy Eating Retreat


The aim of this retreat is to teach you not only yoga to an excellent level, but also to teach you about health and nutrition with the best knowledge available in the world. The teacher on this retreat is an expert in nutrition. Namit has two degrees in health related areas, one from King's College London and one from Queen's University Belfast. As well as this he has many years of clinical expertise. He uses his knowledge of health to design and plan recipes as well as menus that will be used for the yoga and nutrition retreat. As a result this week will be full of delicious and healthy recipes. There will also be workshops on nutrition and on healthy cooking. The emphasis will be on locally grown organic fresh fruit and vegetables as well wholemeal foods, antioxidants and low-glycaemic living. You will be taught, explained how to make the healthiest food. You will also be given the healthiest and most delicious food that exists all based on the most highly taught knowledge on the planet. You will be explained the health benefits of all the foods we use - the locally produced organic food that is free of pesticides, foods made from spelt and we are sure you will agree that you will return feeling like you have learnt the best secrets of healthy cooking, living and practising yoga.

You can see some of our recipes on our blog page as well as our instagram page.


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