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Yoga and Meditation Retreat

The aim of this retreat is to teach you not only yoga to an excellent level, but also to teach you about meditation and spirituality with the best knowledge available in the world. The teacher on this retreat has travelled the world learning from the most recognized yoga and meditation teachers. The aim of the teachings of yoga and meditation are to take the mind to a point of stillness, a point of silence and a point of peace.






Here in the mountains with the clean air and the silence we are in the best place to help you allow your mind to come to peace. Add to this the fact that the knowledge we will share with you is the best knowledge for taking your mind to silence, meditation and spirituality and you will understand why we want the this retreat to be the best retreat in the world for teaching you about yoga and meditation. Every day you will be taught new yoga and meditation techniques for taking your mind to the deepest point of inner silence that we can help you to come to.






The style of cooking we use is also based on the principles of 'ahimsa' or non-violence. This means an organic, plant-based diet that will bring you health, good karma and nutrition to help you on this patch of yoga and meditation.

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