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Your Therapists

Massage treatments are an excellent and nurturing way to ground yourself, release tension in the muscles of your body, ease aching joints and to help you to settle the mind
They can ease and support you in to an open, relaxed and softly aware state of body and mind during your retreat.


All our therapists have been carefully selected for you.

You can book your massage treatments when you arrive on the Sunday.
Treatments cost 60 euros and last one hour.

Miguel Sales Franco
Miguel2crop portrait.jpg

Miguel studied at the Quirosoma centre in Valencia, where he learned many different massage techniques. He expanded his training with further study of natural therapies on a course endorsed by the University of Barcelona.

During his career as a therapist his knowledge has grown and having met Namit a while ago, he began offering treatments at Yoga Sutra Shala, where he enjoys a space full of energy, gratitude and charming people.

The treatment he offers is an excellent complement to the sharing of yoga and life practices available to guests.

Miguel’s Deep Tissue Massage brings a balance to body and mind, encouraging energy exchange, where tension points are released and emotional states of the body and mind are opened.

He invites you to feel what you are and enjoy life!

Miguel’s treatments are usually available on Mondays and Thursdays.

Reme Sendra
Reme Sendra cropped.jpg

Having discovered the world of personal growth and meditation, mainly through teachings she received in India, Reme decided in 2015 to train in Bioenergetic Ayurvedic Massage, at the Innova School in Valencia.

Passionate and captivated by her new tool to work the body while being connected to the heart and quietening the mind, Reme furthered this training in Kerala, India in 2017.

Since then she has been working and developing her treatment, by adding additional approaches to therapy, including Reiki (level 3); Thai Massage; Californian Massage; Active Mediation; and Bioenergetic Respiration.

Reme sees the body as an internal exploratory key that guides us towards silence and the intrinsic joys of life.

The most important difference between different types of massage is where the focus is placed: For Reme, massage is a time for meditation, by means of overcoming the mind and connecting intuition and the heart into her hands.

By using long movements, Reme goes over the body to create a smoothness which will relax your nervous system. Different rhythms are used and much of the work is done with both thumbs, then elbows and forearms, so as to work into your deeper muscles. This creates a state of relaxation and confidence which allows energy to move and express itself in order to become nourishment for the body, mind and heart.

The aim of this type of massage is to free your energy into motion. It gradually turns into a healing practice, where different rhythms are considered. This massage helps you to get connected to a silent, quiet place, where your mind can rest in your heart, as it is there that health is restored.

Reme also uses techniques from Reiki, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage and Herbal Pouch Massage as part of her treatments.

Reme's treatments are usually available on Wednesdays

María Morera
Maria crop.jpg

Through the different tools that she has acquired, Maria offers you a healing space where you can choose your treatment or leave the treatment options in her hands.

She can offer you:


Chiromassage provides increased muscle tone and body flexibility. It is indicated for contractures and muscle pains.

Cranio-sacral is a soft and deep therapy that balances the pumping of the liquid in the cerebro-spinal fluid. It is recommended to help with stress, tension, insomnia and to reduce grinding of the teeth.

Lymphatic Drainage helps to purify the body, reduce inflammation, helps with migraines, fluid retention, cellulite build up and so forth.

Geothermal Therapy provides deep muscle relaxation and is achieved through hot stones. Maria then tones and vitalises the body using cooler stones.

Foot Reflexology involves manipulating the reflex points on the feet to improve the working of the body and the internal organs.

Reiki is the channelling of the universal energy with the hands, so you can reach an integration and harmonisation of the body, mind and spirit.

Bamboo Therapy involves massage with bamboo canes and deep stimulation of the skin in order to tone, purify and to drain waste from the body.

Shiatsu engages with energy points in the body called meridians, activating or calming them to increase your vitality and reinforce your immune system as well as improving your mental and physical performance.

All of these techniques are enriched by Aromatherapy, using 100% organic essential oils.

You can expect to benefit from increased vitality, relief of tension and stress, reinforcement of the immune system and the nervous system, integration of the mind, body and spirit, restoration of balance and harmonisation of your energy.

Maria has qualifications and experience in Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Chiromassage, Natural Beauty, Shiatsu and Reiki, Integrative Body Therapy, Energetics Therapy, Reflexology as well as Integrative Psychology and Ritual Art.

She also has extensive experience in Relaxation and Body Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation techniques as well as Gestalt Therapy. 

Maria has more than 20 years’ experience as a therapist. 

Her treatments are usually available on Tuesdays.

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